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Blanche Bailly
Blanche Bailly

Cameroonian solo singer, Blanche Bailly, took to Facebook to address all those in the entertainment industry(emphasis to those in the music industry) who don’t give her the Respect/Accolades she deserves. As we all know Blanche Bailly is one of the few artists who is doing so well as an independent artist. Blanche has released hit songs and shot quality videos without the support of a sponsor or Record Label and as such she deserves and commands respect from all entertainers in the Cameroon Entertainment Industry…

She wrote:

“Let me put this straight out today
It will probably be the first and last time i’ll ever say it
I used to die hard for respect
Craved for it
Cried for it because i alone know how far and where i come from but in my little time i’ve spent in this industry i finally understood #theyarenotwillingtogiveittome
It’s not like i do not deserve it , but they refuse to give it to me but you know what , i donot need it anymore
Why? Because the numbers speak for themselves
The growth is evident
They will deny it but we slowly changed the game …(positively or negatively) you be the judge !
The small Larinette from kumba is now BLANCHE BAilly
You might not like the woman i have or i am becoming , but i am #BolD and #powerful

Stop seeking affirmation , validation and LIVE !!
#womenyoucandoit , even more #youcandoitallalone
All this plenty tok so na to end up thanking my small army of lovers and supporters outhere o
Wuna no over checkam , but #youguysrock

Do you think Blanche deserves more Accolades than she is given ? Share with us your thoughts below!

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