Discover The Talented Rapper Bu’n Pot Stunner In New Single Titled “ACHOMBO” (Download).

      Bu’n Pot Stunner grew up admiring heavy weight rappers like Tupac, The Game and our own 237 New Bell music boss Jovi, who inspired him with their punch lines and hardcore lyrics. Like Jovi, Bu’n Pot intends to further upset the very conventional and dominating Cameroon music genres like Makossa and Bikutsi and contribute to the rise of his genre to trade alongside Afropop and Hip Hop.
He began making music professionally in 2017. His debut single “Achombo” which he produced under his label Ovadoze Nation Music.

       With heavy punchlines sang in a language better understood by a gross number of Cameroonians, whether English or French speaking, the song ‘ACHOMBO‘ clearly describes the everyday life in the ghetto and the challenges artists face in thr struggle to succeed and earn a living out of their work in Cameroon.
As a Cameroonian promising songwriter, rapper and entrepreneur, Bu’n Pot promises to release another hit single before the year runs to an end. While we’re all anticipating the Achombo video, enjoy the audio and share your thoughts with us on the comment section below.

Listen and download Achombo here: ?


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