Dear Artists,Tilla Has A Message For Y’all…

“I just want to advice Camer artists(out of experience). Please don’t fall a victim!!! When people notice what u r doing they’ll try to copy u. All these so called labels that come and exploit us in the name of wanting to promote showbiz in Cameroon are thieves! When they’ve already spent loads of money and are stuck with their unskilled artists, they go to the independent skillful artists and pretend to want to work together. When you feed them with your good vibes and unique and virgin ideas they steal them and apply on those their wackies and suddenly appear genius and allow the main brains to die.The fact remains,u can copy me but u can never be me.They lucky we don’t have a structure yet to sue their sorry asses.(Their motive for exploitation) Please guys,DON’T I repeat DON’T send ur unreleased songs to any so called grang or investor or label head or whatever.They are the ones killing us slowly.If someone is your fan and wants to help you,he will deliberately do it, there will be no need for u to prove anything.The highest people who have helped me haven’t even met me face to face so make man no cam camouflage u say be humble or say yam don or yam no don. Just keep releasing dong dong and shame dem.We are all still trying to make it BIG and live LARGE so don’t be afraid to surpass the boundaries they think they hold. There is a WIDE WORLD OUT THERE and nobody owns it. That said,let’s keep on moving. #Jahbless #237”

      Wow,what do you think about Tilla’s advice to artists and upcoming artists about ‘sponsors’?Share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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