“Cameroonian English speaking YouTubers are the least…”. – Lenora Tee Cries Out!

“Cameroonian English speaking YouTubers are the least appreciated in our entertainment industry”. US based Cameroonian make up artist and YouTuber Lenora Tee cries out.


It would be sad if we refuse to acknowledge the fact that there has been torrential positive changes in the Cameroon entertainment scenery. Besides the music and movie industries, we have witnessed so much progress in the domain of modeling, comedy and even the emergence of talented media personalities.

On her Facebook page today, the popular US based make up artist, YouTuber and event organizer Lenora Tee (AKA Banso Diva) expressed  her thoughts about the little attention given to anglophone YouTubers. Lenora Tee happens to be a Showbiz gist YouTube presenter. As a result of the poor views and attention given to the show, she had to stop the show. This issue of poor YouTube attention is partly due to the fact that a majority of the Cameroon population are mostly Facebook and whatsapp consumers.

Anything out of those media platforms will attract just a handful of the population. The same problem is faced by bloggers who rarely get a click on their website links since everyone prefers commenting on a facebook post if at all what was shared was of their interest.

With a phrase  mostly made by us the anglophones that “Support your own”, at the end of the day, the francophones are the ones putting in the practice to it.  We could also observe the reluctance of most people creating a Google account and signing in to YouTube to “like” and give views of YouTube links they see. Never the less, our YouTubers like every other domain of the industry have to get themselves the right strategy to better get the attention they deserve.

Your thoughts on the subject in question will be greatly appreciated. Share with us in the comment section and also check out Lenora’s YouTube channel below!

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