Brand Imitation : Boss Banks Family Copied Motherland Clothing Style

Boss Banks Family is a fast-rising record label in Cameroon.It officially launched its business venture in 2016 with the signing of its first talent Bryan Frico,who has promised to bring nothing ut good credit to the name.Motherland Clothing is owned by Cameroon’s most popular rapper Stanley Enow aka “king kong“. After watching Bryan Frico’s latest music video titled MADO.We noticed the T-shirt he was wearing had a similar style of that of Stanley’s Clothing Line,but different logos on it.See photo above,and you can also go and watch Mado video to clearly understand what we talking about,link on our site.

Could it be Staneley Enow inspired the Boss Banks Family Clothing Line or they lack inspiration to come up with their own unique style ? To us this is not a good way to start up.See more photos below.MGP Readers tell us what you think on the comment section below.

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