Birthday Message : See Jovi’s Birthday Message To Reniss “You My Ride or Die Partner”…


Jovi Le Monstre,owner of New Bell Music, and Reniss Producer took to his Instagram page to wish his artiste and his “ride and die” Reniss Kien lovely birthday message using a throw back photo of them.”Happy Birthday @reniss88 to you my ride and die partner,started from the bottom now we here love you always”.See from the screen shot above.

  It’s fact,Reniss is Jovi’s favorite artiste of all the artistes he had signed in the past,and this is definitely one of the reasons why Tilla,Pascal and Kiloh left the record label,because Jovi favored Reniss more.In all, we wish Reniss, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more years.MGP Readers kindly leave a birthday massage for the “La Sauce” Queen Reniss.

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