7 Tips On How To Make Your Songs And Videos Go Viral

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How To Promote Your Songs and Videos

People often wonder why their songs and musical videos never or rarely gets the kind of attention they expect from it. Well after reading this article you might just be able to figure out on your own why you are faced with such a predicament. Below are 7 ways to get your songs and videos go viral.

1) Make sure it’s an amazing song.

This one is pretty obvious. I mean you can’t expect people to really like something that isn’t very good. If you want something to catch on and go viral, the obvious answer is for it to be your BEST work and nothing less. It has to be catchy and memorable and make people bob their head and look at their friend and smile as they do it.

This will definitely make people want to spread your music around, helping it go viral faster.

2) Make sure it gives people an emotional response.

When people are emotionally excited, no matter the emotion, they take action. Whether that action is to comment happy, comment angry etc.

There is a reason upsetting news travels 100 times faster than happy news. There is a reason people will share a funny song over a normal song. These things create emotional responses in us that make us share. If you can trigger those responses with your music and video, it will spread like crazy.

3) Getting a good video.

It can be more of video than song if your song is not amazing. You will bare with me that there are many songs you have watched and dance to it not because the song was actually good, but because of the actions in the video. Getting a quality and interesting video doesn’t necessarily means it has to be too expensive. The most important factor in getting a good musical video is the idea behind the scenes. What are you singing and how is it portrayed in your music video. It has to be interesting in such a way that people will want to tell a friend to watch your video because of a particular scene or action.

4) Do a current song on current events and make a good video for it.

Current events are CURRENTLY touching on people’s emotions. It is on their mind and therefore has a better chance of going viral. This is a great tip on how to make a music video go viral. What is relevant right now? Can you make a song about it that will it resonate with people?

5) Release more content and be consistent to gain momentum.
This one is a bit different but it’s something you need to realize. Sometimes your first idea, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th idea won’t work. You have to keep going and KEEP releasing content.
You build momentum with each new release. You need to keep the videos coming for your current fans and new potential fans. You never know which new video will go viral. If you put hard work in to 10 videos instead of just 1 video… you have 10 times the chance to go viral, do you not?

6) Targeting your audience.

Here you could be interested to know about which set of the population your song or video will be touching to them. Are you targeting youths, children, or the aged?
The art of music is not just limited to doing music in the studio but it goes right down to the strategies put in place to market your music and give people the awareness of your work.

7) Promotion
Saving the best for last, promotion is the most important factor in making your song go viral. Unlike getting a good video to make a bad song go viral, with a good promotion even a bad song with bad video can possibly go viral.
In this light we will talk about the importance of bloggers and the role they play in promoting you songs online.
Having a good blogger,blog your song , online promoter will simply imply having your song on numerous websites, gaining more awareness from fans, organizing shows and interviews.

Also, promoting your songs and videos offline is a major deal. Using platforms like; Popular Television channels(Music Shows), Radio shows, street promotion and snack bar promotion.

These tools combined will give you the reach of over 4,000 potential new fans PER DAY. Even if you only gained 10 fans it would be worth it. Check those out and get serious before it’s too late.

And those are my tips on how to make a song and  music video go viral.

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