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Hip-hop music has become a worldwide phenomenon, with successful rappers often making songs describing their vast wealth and party lifestyles, who wouldn’t want to get a piece of the action? In a music industry where uncountable rappers dwell, today we bring to you 5 ways you can make it out as an outstanding and successful rapper.

1- Writing and practicing on daily basis:

It’s clearly said that practise makes perfect.Having the greatest lyrics in the world won’t get you anywhere if you can’t rap them with confidence, dynamism, flow and charisma. Practice rapping your lyrics loudly and passionately, and as much as possible. Try different speeds, volumes, inflections and places to pause for breath.

2- Learn how to put words together with rhythm,rhymes and figures of speech:

Practically, rapping is reciting rhyming lyrics over a beat but good raps use a variety of linguistic devices and wordplay. In general the idea here is getting a dynamic flow that’s keeps the song interesting to your audience.

3- Exercise your rap on different beat genres:

In principle, rap is purely hip hop and RnB but in a world now where people listen to other vast variety of musical genres and cultures of music, you shouldn’t limit your self to hip hop or trap beats. Imagine listening to someone Rap on a bikutsi beat? Sounds crazy right?. But that’s the target so many rappers of today miss and that’s the mark you should hit. Being a rapper to start with limits your fan base to rap lovers. But it’s certain that everyone will Grove to something danceable be it singing or rap. As long as you are able to flow on what ever beat people enjoy most as a rapper, you are sure to hit that spot.

4- Learn from big time rapper’s

Listen to famous and influential rappers and examine their lyrics. Look for the different techniques they use and how they structure their songs. Decide what styles you like and explore them until you have a good understanding of the genre. Learn the references and inside jokes behind many classic rap lyrics. Examples of some of the most famous rappers are Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Eminem, Nas, Dr. Dre, Buster Rhymes etc.

5Record and promote your raps

What is the essence of doing an art to the limit of your own ears? It gets pointless. Nothing good comes easy and everything good commands a price. To make your self outstanding and popular, people should be able to listen to your work and appreciate. Getting your song promoted too is very important in this process. Be it personal promotion by sharing with friends and friends of friends, or by the most effective which is bloggers, radio stations etc

A mastery and application of all these points should be a great start for any upcoming and aspiring rapper.Also, feel free to comment any other good point we left out which you think it’s relevant below…

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