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5 Ways To Promote Yourself
5 Ways Independent Artists Can Promote Themselves


Considering the saturated nature of the Cameroonian Music Industry, one of the most prevalent question posed by aspiring upcoming artist is how to promote their music.
Well with money they say everything is possible. Being financially stable as an artist you can be able to take care of your music cost and get your work to a wider audience.
But the question I will be sharing my thoughts on today is how can an independent artist promote themselves with little or no cost.

1) Making good music
It is important to stress on the fact that promoting your music all begins from making good music. The truth is if your music is not pleasing and captivating enough, no one will like to listen. As an upcoming artist especially, when doing music you have to take your time, don’t rush on anything. Take a step back and ask a friend or anyone who will be honest to you while listening your art. Take your critics as a lesson and learn from them. If your are confident and others are as well, then your song is ready for a wide audience.

2) Promotion
We live in a world now where the internet has made it easy for a hand full of artists to become a success overnight.when I talk of promotion I mean all forms of online and offline promotion.
Firstly, as a music artist it’s important for you to be a social media figure. Signing in to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc could play a vital role in promoting your songs as you get a wide audience from friends and friends of Friends.
Secondly,I will stress on the fact of using bloggers and blogging sites as they play an important role in the promotion of art and entertainment in general.

3) Creating connections
In what people often refer to as “Tchuck Skin” (a pidgin English word) happens to be another very important role in promoting your self as an independent artist.
On this point I will make it crystal Clear and important about keeping a good attitude. It’s often said that your attitude is your altitude. Creating connections goes a far way to attending shows and events, talking to influential people, what ever thing you could do to make people listen your art. It’s very important to keep a good attitude especially as an upcoming artist as no one will fancy listening to a great work from a poor mannered somebody.

4) Collaborations
Normally as an independent and upcoming artist, you get to meet more artist of your level. Sometime two heads could be better than one in a situation. Try getting your self into collaborations with other artist. By collaborating, you expand your fan base to the fan base of other artist.

5) Engage with fans
It’s simple, no fans means no one listens to your music, no one listening to your music means you are not an artist. So practically your fans are the most important part of your musical career. Maintaining your fans and interacting with them goes a long way to promoting your self.

These are the 5 ways I think independent artist can promote them selfs.
Thanks for reading and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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