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Bah' Ndong
Bah’ Ndong

BGC Melody protegee, Bah’Ndong is a conscientious rap artist who hails from Cameroon and is based in Germany. After the release of his song “Gneh Gneh Gneh“, Bah’Ndong decided to surprise his fans with a new music video titled “Freedomination“, a classic hip hop video for his classic fans worldwide.Freedomination is an anthem for everyone to vibe on!

Watch “Freedomination” below and share your thoughts with us.


Bah’Ndong – Freedomination LYRICS

Born on a service
My birth wasn’t on purpose
Analogy of my keeps family Calm but nervous
Try to find where hurt is
Dumped in the church service
I battle sects and other occultic type worships
Been through the hardship we had special relation
Gave me vest reward was coming back with a backache
New but mind ancient
Less get what I am saying.
I was free slave before the thought of abolition
Closure on other sense we like human magnets
So similar poles never felt more attracted
I’m a drastic outlet
My sport is where the Mic is
Cross my frontline to see exactly where the mark is
As kid, bad thief fought my kleptomania
Stole for my good now my good is what I give receive
Like many others who refused to believe
Who knew many super could be thrown back all on him?
Had a fling with a demon and we both shared a dream
We preferred to be happier in a world full of sin
We both admitted we lost a lot of following to follow in and stop having the taste of aspirin
I’m clean with a mean spirit
Hate can’t deal with it
Your full power to me signal a low battery
Right now good be testing the last avatar
I’m not ready join any unpopular sabotage
Loose my mirage
Get my heart of deception
Many love your dreams so drown in my inception
I’m an exception to the new age carnage
Why I listen transform and register opposite
A chance you can’t malhandle not even as a leopard
The staff stays firmer in the hands of a shepherd
Didn’t choose this outlet chosen for being
Think line between a gift and a true talent
Started bitter luckily aloe Vera
Mama said herbs can shake off and fever
Heart before shiver
Before any unclean
I love dirty gene that match up with my T
you in the world of fashion I’m in planet imagine marching with many angels your world call demons listen
I’m trying to help you
Will do it all for you
I can’t send you down and let the earth foil you.
Bless B… I layed your path prenatal aspirations
Before your first cry we witnessed your enjoyment
Council agreed Invest on your empowerment
A lot changed…
We don’t only empower men
Scripts by scribes of the enlightened era
Describe the incripted kryptonite bearer
Superman hardly explains his own power
Weakness is not my character I shatter her
With the strength of 6 Sumos sitting on mash melons
We match hero with Godlike potentials
I’m at home ,different type of temple my tempo regulated to always be ahead you
Twin spirit…nothing more identical than spermatozoid on the rush to use air too
This telepathy can now incite you to mindful of every scene conscious around you… bless up
Breathe brother breathe
Don’t worry
We here for you
We take care of you
You are one lucky bastard as it is said…

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