“If Music Was About The Business and Money Part Without Talent, Then Bill Gates or Dangote…” – Seta Beatz – MissGinaPromotes.

Cameroonian artist,producer and philanthropist Seta Beatz, took to Facebook to shed light on the importance of “talent” over “money” in an artist’s musical career.

He wrote:

“We are making a fatal mistake when we think we need to focus on the branding or business part than quality or good and strong music. Yes! You might want to pay your bills or live large but don’t forget true music must sink and hit the soul and spirit of you and your audience until even after u are gone. Choose to be a musician and not a businessman. Work and leave the businessmen come and buy your art and market it. Focus on your music and the money will indirectly flow with it. I respect #Salatiel #Magasco #Locko #Malox and all those living just the joy of doing good music and not money and hype. Ooh so some men dem want ask me say how much I Don make for back music? Hahahah…. I beg… Just Di chop your coki corn make I chop my Cold water garri. Cameroonian artiste and producers even music video directors r working so so extremely hard. I am just so much in love with everyone’s hardwork. One day e go pay! #BackToRealMusic no money no problem. #SeeeehBaaaaaaba.

For example let’s keep aside making money and hype and talk music. #Salatiel is not on this lane. He is super talented but keeps improvising everyday to meet up with the present unmusical but business demand. #Magasco and #Locko too can sing on all notes, major or minor or whatever without a producer’s control. Just to name a few, but this type of present mislead about music for the sake of money and fame is killing the real art and will never take us anywhere for the next decades. We have left music, I mean real music born in us and chasing a mistake that sales. Producers too are facing same problem cos anyone can make a vocal mistake on a mic and sale. My brothers we r talking music! I mean Music! What is happening now is like brandishing a bottle of beer at 6% alcohol mean while the actual content is just 1 or 2% and u grade that beer best cos u fooled the people?! Come on! U r as bad as a criminal. #BackToRealMusic money or no money no problem.

If music was about the business and money part without talent, then Bill Gates or Dangote would probably be musicians any day . They have what it takes to be on all sellable platforms but that will never stop them from being wack when it comes to music. Make your money and be called in pidgin “Moneyman” but don’t step in a ring where musicians are called. There is a fat line between these two.”

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