President Of Buea Djs Association, Dertsman Dj, Reacts To Dj Wazabanga’s Post | MissGinaPromotes

President of “Buea Djs Association” Dertsman Dj of Las Vegas Snackbar reacts to his Dj Wazabanga’s post.  Click here to read what Dj Wazabanga said earlier. Derstman disagrees with Wazabanga and this was what he had to say:

“djs pls promote 237 music bcuz of the love n the industry not money or personal interest ok
Presi Dertsman dj say so!!
Much luv” 

Wow! The president of Buea Dj Association has spoken!!! Like the saying goes… People disagree to agree, let’s hope this “Dj-Artist-Dj” fuse will all come to an end as we all know an Artist needs a Dj and vice versa.


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