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Bamenda Slay Queen
Bamenda Slay Queen

Facebook Bamenda slay queen by name Ruth Morgan was arrested and she is in the New Bell prison for kidnapping a baby and asking 7 million CFA Francs Ransome, big money right?…

Report says she conspired with a relative of the kid’s family in Douala where they were… As lucky and unlucky as she was the money was paid and she was later traced by the police and later got arrested!

Now, let’s get to law, according to section 207 of the Cameroon penal code, kidnapping is the act of holding or detaining somebody against his or her will.

Kidnapping can therefore result to lengthy prison life imprisonment, or 20 years or more for aggravated…

But this writer was not teaching law here,what he was illustrating is, Ruth Morgan can be sentenced 20 years imprisonment and it’s 1st degree of kidnapping as punishable under section 207 of the Penal Code..

Let’s just pray for her…

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