Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tweets Of The Day : "Stanley Enow is more Like Wet Pussy about to get fucked", Magasco issa Pig and Pit is his Father"...

Jovi's fingers are always itchy to throw insults on his fellow Artists on twitter.This time he fires shots at Magasco's boss Pit Barccardi owner of Empire Company.Also, he insults Magasco and says" Stanley Enow is more like wet pussy about to get fucked" read more on the screen shot above.
All we want is peace and unity among our Cameroonian Artists but people like Jovi wont grant us that,as he is always the first to discredit his fellow colleagues on social media.MGP readers tell us what you think about this Jovi's attitude.Is he seeking for attention?We want to know what you think on the comment section below.